28 August, 2019


Thin metal film applied to hot heater often requires high resistance unlike conventional solutions. Therefore, deciding which metal film to use to form a pattern is a very important factor. For heaters

that need rapid heat, Suntech has successfully developed a method to form a new electrode by attaching thin metal film. Suntech has been continuously trying to attach various types of metals to the film.

We have succeeded in attaching most of the metals to the film, enabling the production of numerous products that meet the needs of our customers. Based on the success of this electrode formation,

we strive to provide various types of quality products that our customers have been waiting for.


15 May, 2019

Released May 2019, the Audi E-Tron is a fully electric mid-size luxury crossover SUV which is the world’s first mirrorless car. With side mirrors replaced by Samsung’s OLED, Audi E-Tron has cameras mounted to secure visibility. Suntech is proud to announce that this innovative car features Suntech’s special heaters, which are used for these cameras to provide clear vision even in harsh weather conditions. This essential element ensures that drivers, passengers and pedestrians are safe during any type of weather conditions. Equipped with Suntech’s advanced heating technology, the Audi E-Torn hit the road with positive reviews.


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