We combine substrate with a very thin sheet of metal to provide a heating solution to our customers.

Suntech is the world's best technology to design electrode materials and Substrate sheet that are suitable for customers

Reliable Technology

To maximize customer satisfaction, Suntech is investing heavily in technology development.

Our bold investments have resulted in product line diversification.

Today, Suntech is a global company that can manufacture heaters using a variety of metal materials.


Film Type

Suntech offers a variety of film types for different applications

01. PET

PET offers excellent heat transfer and uniform heat output. It is safe, power-saving and durable, making it the most economical flexibleheating element. 


- Max power density : 0,6W/cm²

- Max. temperature : +105°C

02. PI

Thin and semi-transparent with excellent dielectric strength. Resistant to chemicals. 


- Max. power density : 1,3W/cm²

- Max. temperature : +200°C

03. PC

Suntech's "PC Film" is a top-notch product with high transparency.This product minimizes radio interference and has very favorable characteristics in the plastic injection process. 


- Max power density : 0.8W/cm²

- Max. temperature : +120°C

04. PEN

PEN has higher chemical, thermal, mechanical and electrical properties than PET. It is more cost effective compared to polyimide. 


- Max. power density : 1W/cm²

- Max. temperature : +160°C

05. PVC

Suntech’s PVC flim is very flexible, waterproof and acid resistant with high mechanical strength. 


- Max. power density : 0,1W/cm²

- Max. temperature : +70°C


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